A tip for the boys at AWB

Speaking of what’s in the news, today’s Age features a series of photos of two senior staff from AWB acting like complete dickheads while “doing business” in Iraq. No doubt the Cole Royal Commission will reveal what really went on, and I reckon this is the least of their problems, but these guys could have done well to heed my long-standing view on photography in the digital age:

Never pose for a photo that you are not prepared to have posted on the Internet.

In other words, don’t do anything in front of a camera that you’re not prepared to show to one or all of:

  • your mum
  • your spouse
  • your kids
  • your colleagues
  • your neighbours
  • the general public, and
  • every weirdo out there on the web

Rightly or wrongly, those macho gun-totin’ shots make tech.thingoid Flugge and Michael Long look all the more like the cowboys they seem to be.

And taking photos of bloody great piles of cash doesn’t help much either…